Water - TJ Thorne|Photography

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Rise Above

There will be tough times. There will be times where it's hard to get out of bed, times where you have to trust strangers, times full of uncertainty, frustration, and fear. There will be times where you're treading water and you sink a little and swallow what you're fighting against. There will be dark clouds brooding on the horizon. There will be times when those clouds are over your head. There will be times where you are forced to 'fake it until you make it'. There will be times you're at war with yourself and there will be times when you encounter walls that stand too tall to conquer alone.

But those times will pass as long as you don't forget the burning on the inside and keep fighting. The sky is blue above those clouds. The tide will recede and the water will get shallower. The strangers will become friends.. and those people care.. they believe. They know that you're stronger than you think you are.

You gotta keep pushing. You can't give up hope. You can't roll over.

Just know that you're worth it. Clear your conscience and ride away.

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