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Autumn Abstract I

Here's a shot I had been back and forth on.. but always came back to. It's simple. The whole process was riddled with simplicity to the point where I feel like I hadn't paid enough attention to it.

Truth is.. it was just an off-shoot from a morning of bumming around with My friend Tula when we met up with Dylan Toh at Trillium Lake (OH YEAH.. I SHOT TRILLIUM LAKE!! But don't fret.. I washed it down with some good ol' gorge shooting afterwards which is what I was really after). I had just finished all of the work for my gallery show and lifted my self-imposed moratorium on creating new images. Most of those shots.. including this one.. live in my stock photography account. Yet I kept coming back to this one.

So anyway.. here it is. An abstract of the first light of the day lighting up the ridge, some autumn colors dotted along the shore, a fisherman (can you see him?!), and a perfectly still/unaltered reflection. Some saturation and contrast and this one is done.

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