Best Fine Art Nature Prints of 2019

January 1, 2020

Another calendar year comes to a close and I've had the honor of having my Limited Edition Fine Art Nature Prints provide wall art and home decor for numerous clients across the continent.Thank you!

2019 was a monumental year in my creative vision. I grew as an artist and produced my most meaningful work to date, and with the ideas and themes that I'm currently working on and exploring, 2020 looks to be bringing more of the same. It's an exciting time for me as an artist.

Here I've compiled my favorite prints of the year. Each of these images holds a special place in my heart, and I'd be honored if they held a special place in your home.

If you would like to become a collector, these prints and others in my portfolio can be purchased by clicking through to the photo page by using the 'Prints Available' link and selecting your presentation option underneath the image. The images are available as gallery-quality Lumachrome Acrylics and durable Chromaluxe Metal Prints, both which come ready-to-hang and have a frameless modern look. I also offer a loose Fuji Flex print if you would like to have it framed by your local framing professional. If you would like to learn more about my Limited Edition Fine Art Nature Photography Prints, visit my About Prints page.

If you would like to envision these photos in your space, I offer a free mock-up service where I can digitally add the photo to your space. All you need to do is send me a well-lit photo of where you would like to hang it and I'll take care of the rest! Or, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can virtually view the image in your space using the augmented reality service by following the instructions below.

Best Nature Photography Prints of 2019

Early Bright is one of my favorite images from the year. It's an image that I had attempted to capture for numerous years but was never satisfied with for various reasons. In February I was finally able to finally get exactly what I wanted, which was great because when I returned in November, the grasses no longer had the shape to them that I fell in love with. Captured in the Owens River Valley at the base of the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, it's an image of the first hint of morning light illuminating the winter grasses and trees. I painstakingly captured every detail in this photo and the way that it presents itself in print is stunning. When printed on Lumachrome and properly lit, the golden grasses and other light areas take on a luminance that GLOWS. It almost looks as if it's a television screen. Vivid and with a pleasing color palette, this print adds a touch of classy color to any room. It's best in neutral spaces for an attention grabbing centerpiece, or in warm-toned spaces for a complimentary look. It's hard to go wrong with this print and once you see the amazing detail, you'll only appreciate it more with every look.

Early Bright brings a colorful splash of nature home decor in a neutral city loft.

The trees contain a tremendous amount of detail.

The detail in the grass is rivaled only by the way they glow on your wall when properly lit.

A cottonwood tree in the southern Utah backcountry rides out a heavy winter snowstorm.
Cottonwood Snow

Cottonwood Snow is one of my favorite tree portraits. It was photographed during a whiteout snow storm in a remote Utah canyon. As a print it is graceful and calming, yet the strong structure of the tree is demanding and proud. This is one print that catches your attention and then draws you in with the fine detail of the snow streaking across the bark of the tree. The slight blue of the sky is contrasted by the slight warmth of the tree, and it's filled out by the fine detail of the smaller branches at the tips of the tree and the few remaining leaves that are still hanging on well into February.

A print for tree lovers, the grandeur and grace of the tree brings a strong and neutral simplicity into the space and rewards those who choose to spend time with it.

Cottonwood Snow graces provides some calming yet stoic wall art in a classical bedroom.

Detail of the textured snow streaking across the tree bark.

Detail of the fine branches that still retain the most persistent of leaves.

Stained Glass is one of my all-time favorite water abstracts. I have a mild obsession with photographing light on water and while many of these images have not been released as they are part of a large project, I was so excited about this one that I wanted to get it out and on my website. Subtle yet intriguing, the way that the water refracts the light mimics the flow of the rocks creating a pleasant harmony across the image. A blend of cool and warm tones match well with any decor and up close, the interesting texture of the light in combination with the detail of any rock that shows through provides a lot of visual interest to those who are intrigued by the abstract quality of the photo.

Stained Glass graces the wall of a modern bedroom.

Detail of an area with cool tones.

Detail of a warm toned area. In some places the texture of the rock shows through the light.

A single alder tree betrays the uniformity of the rest of the forest along the Hoh River in Olympic National Park, Washington...

Nonconformist is part of my Winter in the West Collection and is the lone photo that was not taken on my month long trip to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Southern Utah, Death Valley, and the Eastern Sierras. Another interesting fact is that this photo was taken near the Hoh area of Olympic National Park, an  area known for its lush moss and verdant greens. Nonconformist is all about the texture and repeating lines. From far away and at first glance it has a subtle and pleasing color palette and adds a classy touch to neutral colored rooms, or with its simplicity stands out in more colorful decor. Upon a closer look, the viewer is rewarded with the fine detail of the trees and the winter foliage that anchors the bottom of the image. I really love this image and it makes me feel great hearing the ooh's and ahh's when I displayed it at local art fairs this summer.

Nonconformist adds a touch of class to a modern living room in an urban loft.

Nonconformist trunk and foliage detail.

A Figment of Place captured in Silver Falls State Park, Oregon.
Wind Washed

Windwashed is an image that points to a direction that I will be taking with my photography. Using creative techniques, I harnessed the movement of these autumn leaves during a very windy day at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. While from afar you see the movement as a Monet-like blend of colors, upon closer inspection you can see the details of the leaves amongst the blur. This photo is bold and captures attention with it's vivid yet still restrained color saturation. Upon closer inspection the leaves are noticed, as well as a couple of spiderwebs that joined in on the fun. This is a photo for tree and color lovers who appreciate an abstract approach or for people who want a statement piece to tie a room together.

Windwashed is a bold addition to a neutral modern bedroom.

Windwashed isn't all about color. It's also about detail. Here you can see the figments of leaves captured amongst the movement.

In areas where the leaves were moving more, the figments of the leaves are less distinct.

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If you are interested in becoming a collector but have some questions, don't hesitate to reach out. I'd be happy to answer any inquiries that you may have! Happy neaw year and I hope that 2020 is everything that you want it to be!

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