By the Sea Collection (2015-2020)

Fine Art Seascapes

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For as long as I've lived in Oregon, there was a time where the coastline did not have a large representation in my portfolio. That always felt a little weird to me since my Wonders of the Oregon Coast photography workshop is one of my most popular. I have photographed the coast far more than my portfolio shows. Maybe it was because I preferred the comfort of the forest and waterfalls over the dramatic cliffs and crashing waves. But lately, I've developed a love for the coast that I never have before. I needed to look beyond the waves and cliffs and find the things that are truly special about that time and place that I'm occupying. Since taking that mindset, I've produced some of my most meaningful coastal images. I've decided to present them as a living collection.

I've discovered that ever since I've been putting more intent behind my coastal photography, it's worked its way into my heart and soul. It's more than dramatic sunsets, crashing waves, and towering cliffs. There's drama for sure, but there's also that calming simplicity that I seek in nature. This collection is representative of my relationship with that.

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Last updated on 2/4/2020