Sketches of the Clackamas River (2023-Current)

Perched high on an eroding bank of the Clackamas River, I've discovered a secret world— a side channel of the river where reflections dance with the water. A side channel where the river flows in harmony with nature's whims— a place where every visit unveils new new personalities.

The location is unremarkable at first glance— a wide section of the channel where the flowing water slows and deepens, With each season, the water's surface becomes a canvas, reflecting the world around it in different shades, textures, and moods. As the wind blows or the resident ducks swim nearby, the surface of the water dances with the reflections, casting different patterns upon the water.

It's the dynamic nature of this section of the river that draws me back time and time again, building familiarity and deepening my appreciation within my viewfinder. The emotional dialogue and intimate relationship with the flows and ripples feels more like visiting a friend than a location.

Midday is my preferred time to photograph, a time when the light is strong and constant, and the river's surface becomes a mirror. It's in this calm, non-fleeting light that I find my peace, embracing the tranquil moments and allowing myself to get lost in a meditative connection with the scene.

The river's surface becomes a portal to mindfulness, a state of pure observation, where I frame the world as it unfolds before me. Sketches of the Clackamas River is a reflection of this this process. It captures the essence of a place where I've witnessed the river's timeless rhythms and where I've connected with nature on a profound level.

Through these images, I invite you to share in the quiet beauty of the Clackamas River, to experience the serenity and ever-changing wonder that I find in my time spent here.