Thinking and Documenting

October 23, 2020

I realized that I often have so many ideas for blog posts, image commentary, or creative thoughts that I always WANT to write down or follow through with. These are the times where I’m really connected to my work, studying it, looking inward, and connecting dots. For instance I may be looking at one of my personally favorite images and I’ll be thinking deeply about what I like about it, how it makes me feel, the thoughts behind my compositional and processing decisions, and more.

I’ve been planning to write these things down later because in the moment I feel the need to let my consciousness flow uninhibited. If I have to write it down, it’s interrupted – by typos, by sentence structure, and by having to think about two things: the thing I’m thinking about and writing. So I end up just never writing them down, only making a note to write them down.

What this results in is just a long list of ideas that I 'burdened' myself with by having to think DEEPLY again, about a certain image in the same way that I did before. The problem with that is that I only connect that way to certain images at certain times. So it’s a difficult list to attack and the chances are that I’ll probably just make a ‘plan’ to write about it next time and prioritize the thinking again.

I’m trying to change that. It’s not easy and often feels like a... chore? But it’s not a chore. It’s just not something that is my priority. My priority is thinking and connecting instead of thinking and documenting.

Latourell Falls basks in the afternoon light of a gorgeous spring day.
Sun Soaked
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