Winter in the West Collection (2019)

Beautiful Nature Photography

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This is a collection of photographs that I captured in various locations across the west coast in the winter of 2019.

Aside from one photo, all of these photographs were taken on a trip in February 2019 where I visited Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Southern Utah, Death Valley National Park, and the Eastern Sierra.

My creative energy has been hard to come by lately. Historically, I have never released very many images. Releasing 27 at one time is a pretty massive undertaking for me as I pour myself into the creation of each photograph, refining them over the course of days and, in some cases, weeks.

This collection showcases the direction that my work has been taking in the past year: patterns and designs, the focus on textures both hard and soft, mindful attention to subtle details, and the soothing simplicity of nature which is my main draw to the outdoors. I am happy that what I seek is what shows up in my work.

From the subzero temperatures of Grand Teton National Park, to being snowed in at Yellowstone National Park, to the whiteout desert snow in Utah, to t-shirts and sunglasses in Death Valley National Park, and back into the chill of the Eastern Sierra region, this trip was ripe with experiences. I grew as a photographer and artist on this trip, I reinforced friendships, and I further learned how deeply I can love someone.

The collection is the culmination of a lot of energy spent and it's a collection of photos that come from deep within. Thank you for taking the time to view them.

If you are interested in expanding your artistic vision and learning in places like this, consider joining me on an in-field group workshop.

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